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How better sexual flow and intimacy will improve your:

There’s a certain conspiracy and closeness that couples have when they are in a healthy sexual relationship. A simple look or a touch of the hand can arouse them. They have eyes only for one another. They develop better communication skills which is paramount for a happy relationship.

Manisha DeCarlo

There is so much research that confirms the benefits of sex for your health. As a therapeutic activity it has no equal. Just to name a few; sex dramatically reduces stress level, anxiety, also lowering your risk of cancer and heart attack. Source ​​. Sex overall is a great immune booster. Sex also increases your libido naturally.

You might think how does the thought of more and better sex will improve my finance? Napoleon Hill in his Book Think and Grow Rich dedicated a whole chapter on the mystery of sex transmutation. Subheading: The Tenth Step Toward Riches. Since sexual energy can create a human being imagine how sexual energy can fuel some of your projects. You will learn how to magnetize and energize your projects with your sexdrive. If you say well that is not going to work for me as I don’t have any sexdrive then even more reason to get this book.