Intimacy Consultant

Professionals for Intimacy Consulting & Coaching

A consultant works differently than a coach. Typically a coach works with the same strategy with every client.  It doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. However, when it comes to sex, everyone is so unique with their experience. Manisha combines her many years experience along with her gifts to tailor a simple road map unique to each one of her clients to get massive results!

Renowned Intimacy Consultant & Love Coach

With over 25 years as an experienced Consultant, Coach and Speaker, Manisha has facilitated thousands of private sessions and speaking engagements throughout North America. She is also a Reiki Master, expert Numerologist and Intuitive.

Manisha DeCarlo is on a mission to drastically reduce the epidemic number of sexless relationships. Manisha works with women, men and couples to discover their sexual truths and develop positive attitudes about sex. She brings Couples and Singles a light, effective approach that allows Sex to become as Valuable as Food.

She also teaches the transmutation of sexual energy to Tap into your Super Power!