Motivational Speakers in Canada

Renowned Keynote Speaker in Canada

What to expect if you hire Manisha as a keynote speaker for your event:
  1. First and foremost you can expect that she will be fun and engaging for your audience.
  2. Manisha will connect with your audience as she loves to engage her audience. So if the lights are quite dim, the first thing she is likely to ask is: “let’s turn the light up so I can see this beautiful group before me“.
  3. She will take your audience on an emotional roller coaster in a good way. And you can bet she will leave them on a high!
  4. She will paint the picture so well of the message you would like her to deliver to your audience…they will feel like they were there.
  5. She is original, intuitive and her focus is on her audience always. How she can best serve them ultimately to better serve you.
  6. Manisha tells stories to deliver her messages. We all have heard: “Facts tell story sells”. A message is always better delivered when there are real stories to back it up.
  7. Although she prepares for all her keynote engagements, Manisha comes from her heart, she is intuitive and adjust to the beat of her audience.

Needing a Motivational Speech?

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